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David Schnall, PLLC-Attorney at Law has a motto when it comes to presenting your case in court. It is, “optimize your presentation to maximize your possibilities.” This catchphrase exemplifies all that he works for, he wants to help you optimize your case in court in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

Localities Served by David Schnall, PLLC – Attorney at Law

David Schnall, PLLC – Attorney at Law proudly serves the areas of Queens County, Kings County, New York County, Richmond County and Nassau County. This practice focuses on the legal areas of law surrounding divorce and custody issues, covering anything within the family law category.

Family Law Cases in New York

In the state of New York, there are two courts that have jurisdiction to hear family law cases. They are the Supreme Court (matrimonial) and the New York Family Court. Both courts are able to hear all cases that fall under the family category, with one caveat. Divorce cases must go to the Supreme Court.

Family Law Matters That Are Common to Both New York Courts

The following are the most common types of cases tried in both New York Courts:

  • Child Custody and Visitation: These cases involve the custody arrangement between the parents of a child. It also includes visitation. This can be a heated area of disagreement between parents who both want to see their child as much as possible.
  • Paternity: These cases involve proving or in some cases disproving paternity of a child.
  • Child Support: This situation involves the financial support of a child.
  • Family Offense Petitions: An order of protection is issued when one family member is being harassed or abused by another.
  • Spousal Support: This situation comes up when one spouse was the financial provider for the family. In some cases, after a divorce, one spouse will be required to help the other financially.
  • Guardianship: This is when someone petitions the court to gain guardianship of a minor child.
  • Petition for Abuse and Neglect: In these sad cases, a child is being neglected or abused and it is up to the court to get them out of their current situation and into a safe, loving environment.

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