David Schnall, Esq.

Attorney David Schnall has been a practicing attorney with a focus on family law for 25 years. He has represented thousands of clients in all of the New York City Family Courts, including Queens, Kings, Manhattan, Bronx and Richmond counties. He has also represented clients in the New York State Supreme Courts and Federal Court.

About David Schnall

Mr. Schnall provides powerful, assertive, and intelligent advocacy for his clients. His experience as an attorney for the City of New York, as well as 25 years of engaging in a general Family Law practice means he is well versed in his field, and fully equipped to handle and navigate you through any controversy involving Family Law issues. He served as court-appointed counsel for children and adults in Family Court, which makes him uniquely qualified to represent you with regard to issues of child custody and visitation.  His extensive history in the Family Law field allows him to obtain optimal results in divorce, child support, child welfare litigation and family offense proceedings. Most importantly, Mr. Schnall will be sure you fully understand all aspects of the litigation, will communicate with you throughout the process, and treat you with respect.

David Schnall’s Educational Background

Mr. Schnall graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Finance & Accounting. He then went on to attend and graduate with a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law in 1991.

Call Mr. Schnall Today

Mr. Schnall’s background as a public defender for the New York City Family Court from 2002 to 2012 as well as his history of practicing family law from 1992 to today at David Schnall, PLLC – Attorney at Law means he is able to help you deal with your family law matter. There isn’t an issue he hasn’t seen or a situation he hasn’t already faced. Therefore, you should feel good about having him as your representative in family court, regardless of the complications your case might entail. Call him today to learn more about he can help fight for your rights as a parent, spouse, grandparent and for the well being of your children.